Instructions and Information

Congress delegates are cordially invited to submit abstracts of their scientific work for presentation as a free communication at EUROMEDLAB Milano 2013.
An unlimited number of abstracts may be submitted provided that the presenting author applies for “Full Registration”.
Abstracts are welcome in all fields of clinical chemistry, haematology, clinical molecular biology and laboratory medicine, in the broader sense. Free communications are primarily presented via poster. A limited number of abstracts will be selected for oral presentation during EuroMedLab symposia (two abstracts per symposium). Authors wishing to compete for these oral communication slots should mark the appropriate field on the on-line abstract-submission form. Properly submitted abstracts will be sent to experts for review and selection for oral communication.


The text must be clear, concise, and written in proper English. The content must not have been previously published in academic journals or subject to peer review. Significant technical information must not be withheld. Abstracts must absolutely contain results. Statements such as "results will be discussed" are not acceptable and will lead to rejection.


The body of the abstract must not exceed 2300 characters, spaces included.
Abstracts should be structured and must include the following paragraphs:

Each paragraph must be separated by a line-break.

Please note that the Abstracts submission system counts line-breaks as characters while word processors usually do not. Please be sure to add line-breaks to your final count


Deadline for receipt

Abstracts must be submitted by 15 November 2012, 18:30 CET.

Confirmation of receipt

Receipt of the abstracts will be acknowledged by e-mail immediately after submission.

Notification of acceptance or rejection

Authors will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their abstracts after January 31st 2013.


The presenting author of each abstract must register for the congress with a “Full Registration”.


It is important to carefully follow the instructions indicated below. Incorrectly prepared abstracts will be rejected.
IMPORTANT: Do not send in an abstract more than once!
Abstracts can be submitted only on the Internet using the on line web form.


  1. After inserting your data please indicate the most suitable Topic for presentation of your work. If you wish to apply for an oral presentation, select the symposium during which you would like to give your presentation.
  2. Be sure that the Abstract Title does not exceed the 300 characters.
  3. Remember to type all Affiliations clicking on “Add Affiliations”. Once entered, Affiliations cannot be deleted nor modified in step 2.
  4. Click the “Add Authors” button to enter Authors.
    The First Author must be included: if not, it will not appear inside the abstract book index. Remember to indicate the presenting Author by checking the appropriate box. Authors cannot be deleted nor modified in step 2.
  5. Indicate the Date of birth of the First Author to compete for the awards.
  6. When the on-line system requires the abstract to be entered, copy and paste your text in the box provided. Abstracts are limited to 2300 characters, spaces included (title, authors’ names and affiliations excluded).
    The system will automatically notify you if the abstract exceeds this number of characters. Title, author(s) and affiliation(s) must be added separately at the appropriate step.


Check the data entered. At this step you can modify them all except for Authors and Affiliations by clicking on “edit”. When ready, click “send” to submit your abstract.


You will receive a PIN code to the  e-mail address indicated on the form which will  allow you to verify on-line the status of your abstract (accepted or rejected). 
In case of further assistance please write to

Please remember that if your abstract is accepted the presenting author must be  registered to the congress with a “full registration”.